How to setup the Router ?

You can learn to install and setup the router for your home or business purpose by visiting  ROUTERLOGIN.NET SETUP.

Step by step guide for setting up/ installation of Router login is described below

  • Firstly we need to connect the modem with router through a DSL /ADSL cable. Note – This step is to be considered only if the router doesn’t have an inbuilt modem which most of the routers do have nowadays.
  • Then switching the power supply ON of the router and there will be some lights blinking on its front panel.
  • The Router needs to be configured only after completing the above said steps.
  • Usually the Router has the IP address of 168.1.1 or

configured for their setup and the values of  DHCP and DNS servers are embedded in it by default.

  • Now considering the Router is connected with a computer or any other computerized equipment and we need to establish a secure internet connection with the ISP(internet service provider).
  • The user has to open a login window on the web browser and enter the address i.e 168.1.1 or Remember it is as offline configuration page so it won’t require internet.
  • In the login page of the router there will be two authentication checks. They are the username and password section. By default the value for username is admin and for that of password is password
  • Upon the successful login, the router configuration page will appear .In the configuration page we have to click the setup WLAN button for wireless connectivity or else WAN for wired network .There are various connecting methods displayed in that eg. PPPoE, IPoE etc. PPoE works best for internet connectivity.

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